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Folklore And Customs Of Rural England

by Margaret Baker

History By Region | Britain

'The Good Old Days' in country areas were ruled by local custom and folklore. This delightful book describes much of England's more important country lore, using contemporary accounts and adding historical material to show the richness of what inevitably lies behind us - often within living memory but not again to be experienced first hand.

Old beliefs, superstitions and rituals, their origins long forgotten, lingered non as part of the collective wisdom of the country community, as they still do here and there, safeguarding family, farm and possessions, reflecting the natural longing for security and prosperity.

As the social isolation of the village began to break up, with the coming of transport, newspapers, village schools and scientific farming, as people became less credulous, less parochial, the simple festivals of the country calendar, the taboos and rituals followed for generations, came to seem foolish and unsophisticated. Inevitably their fate was sealed.

Yet old irrational beliefs are deeply embodied in subconscious folk memory and hints of them are still heard in country conservations. At heart, England is still a rural nation. This book throws light on her roots.

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