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History Of Australian Bushranging, Vol. 2

by Charles White

History By Region | Australian

In the years between 1860 and 1880, dozens of bushrangers, some bold and famous, some little more than petty thieves, rampaged across the New South Wales and Victorian countryside--looting and murdering, "bailing up" travellers, harassing police, terrorizing settlers.

Perhaps the most famous of these in the 1860s was a handsome young man named Ben Hall, the first official "outlaw" under a new Act, shot dead by police in 1865. Other members of his gang, "Flash" Johnny Gilbert, Johnny Vane, O'Meally and Dunn, were all captured or shot by their pursuers. Also outlawed were Frederick Lowry, the ferocious Daniel Morgan, and Fred Ward, better known throughout New South Wales as "Thunderbolt".

Finally, in this second volume of his History of Australian Bushranging, Charles White examines at length the incredible story of the Kelly Gang - Ned, Dan, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne.

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